Life insurance. Cheap life insurance and critical illness cover, where to get your life insurance quote including where to get an online insurance quote

Life insurance. Critical Illness Cover and Private Medical Insurance. Get Life Insurance Quote

Life Insurance - Term Assurance, Whole Of Life Policy, What Do They All Mean?

There are many type of life insurance and it is possibly the most complicated type of insurance featured on this life insurance web site. From providing a lump sum to pay off an outstanding mortgage if the policyholder were to die (known as Mortgage Protection Insurance) to providing an income for your dependents, you must consider your requirements carefully before deciding which type of life insurance policy to purchase.

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What Types Of Life Insurance Are There?

Standard Life Insurance

Pays out a lump sum, or income (depending on the terms of your policy), on the death of the life insured.

Critical Illness Cover

Can be insured on its own, or in combination with life insurance. It provides cover if you are diagnosed with a serious disease, such as cancer, or have a major accident such as a loss of limb. This cover can be expensive.

Income Protection

This form of life insurance (also known as "Personal Accident and Sickness" insurance) pays a regular income to the insured person who is unable to work because of illness or injury. As with Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection cover can be expensive. Indeed, in certain cases is can be very difficult to obtain (for instance if your occupation is deemed to be high risk).

Private Medical Insurance

Covers the cost of private medical care and may allow you to receive treatment quickly, or at a time of your choosing, rather than having to wait. Traditionally this type of cover is offered as part of an employers payment package to their employees, but it can also be obtained by an individual. See the Health Insurance web site for further information.

How can I get cheap life insurance?

If you don't smoke and don't engage in hazardous or dangerous activities there's not a lot more you can do to reduce your life insurance quote.

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